JD.com (NASDAQ: JD and HKEX: 9618), also known as JINGDONG, has evolved from a pioneering e-commerce platform into a leading technology and service provider with supply chain at its core. Renowned for its supply chain innovation and excellence, the company has expanded into sectors including retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, and more, aiming to transform traditional business models with cutting-edge digital solutions.
JD.com’s Businesses with Global Reach:
JD Retail is a leading retail and retail infrastructure provider committed to optimizing costs, maximizing efficiency, expanding product offerings, maintaining competitive pricing, and delivering exceptional customer service. JD Retail also provides a gateway for local and international brands and merchants to effectively enter and thrive in the Chinese market.
JD Logistics (HKEX: 2618) is a global provider of technology-driven supply chain and logistics services. Established as a dedicated business group of JD.com in April 2017, JD Logistics serves a wide range of businesses and individual consumers, reaching nearly every corner of China. Continuously expanding its global network, JD Logistics is committed to enhancing global supply chain efficiency and sustainability through cutting-edge technology. 
JD Technology provides technology services to private and public sector clients. Utilizing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and IoT, JD Technology delivers products and solutions tailored to various industries, helping enterprises reduce supply chain costs and improve operational efficiency.
JD Health (HKEX: 6618), with its technology-driven platform, specializes in the pharmaceutical and healthcare product supply chain. The company’s services include retail pharmacy and online healthcare solutions designed to cover the full spectrum of healthcare needs throughout an individual's lifespan.
JD Industrials
JD Industrials, also known as JINGDONG Industrials, is dedicated to advancing the digital transformation of the industrial supply chain, encompassing all aspects from product selection and procurement to fulfillment and operations. The company aims to assist industrial clients in achieving compliance, ensuring a stable inventory, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency.
JD Property, also known as JINGDONG Property, is a rapidly expanding leader in infrastructure investment, asset management, and related services, offering comprehensive solutions for infrastructure development and operations across multiple sectors. JD Property’s portfolio includes modern standard warehouses, integrated intelligent industrial parks, data centers, photovoltaic new energy infrastructure, and other innovative facilities.
International Businesses