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JD.com embarks on its entrepreneurial journey, transitioning offline businesses to the online world.
January 2004
JD Multimedia launches, marking JD.com's official entry into e-commerce.
The company expands its product offerings and begins to develop a self-built logistics network to streamline delivery.
October 2008
JD begins offering general merchandise, establishing the company as a comprehensive e-commerce platform.
December 2010
JD’s online marketplace becomes fully operational.
March 2013
The company adopts the JD.com domain and introduces company mascot "JOY".
October 2013
JD Finance begins operating as an independent business unit.
March 2014
JD.com and Tencent form a strategic partnership to develop an innovative model of social e-commerce on a global scale.
May 2014
JD.com becomes the first major Chinese e-commerce enterprise to be listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.
July 2016
JD.com becomes the first Chinese internet company to join the Fortune Global 500 list.
April 2017
JD.com hosts its annual conference, signaling a shift towards a technology-driven enterprise.

JD Logistics is established as an independent business unit and extends its services to external clients.
November 2018
JD Finance rebrands to JD Digits.
March 2019
JD Retail is officially established.
May 2019
JD Health commences independent operations.
June 2020
JD.com completes secondary listing on HKEx.

Dada becomes the first on-demand retail stock to be listed on NASDAQ.
December 2020
JD Health lists on HKEx.
May 2021
JD Logistics lists on HKEx.
JD.com's revenues surpass 1 trillion RMB for the first time.
JD announces its "35711 Vision" for the next two decades.